General audiences

Winn, J.N., The Little Book of Exoplanets, Princeton University Press (2023)
"A concise and accessible introduction to exoplanets that explains the cutting-edge science behind recent discoveries"

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Educational videos

The Search for Exoplanets (Aspen Center for Physics) 
The Search for Exoplanets: What Astronomers Know (The Great Courses)
Introduction to Astrophysics (The Great Courses)


Joannopoulos, J.D., Johnson, S.G., Winn, J.N., & Meade, R.D., Photonic Crystals, 2nd ed., Princeton University Press (2008)

Review articles

Academic journals

Can be found using the NASA Astrophysics Data System or arxiv


U.S. Patent 6,130,780, "High omnidirectional reflector," licensed by Omniguide